Student teachers hailed for their efforts to build a future free from illiteracy among girl child in Salima.

Authorities at Simaiwa L.E.A School, traditional authority (T/A) Kalonga in Salima said they are geared to reduce the prevalence of school dropout rate among girl child even further.

The school head teacher Bonex M’ndola said it’s time now the district needs to step up efforts to modernize education and build a future free from illiteracy and school dropout rate.

M’ndola said the girl child in the district was most affected due to cultural influences which have been impacting negatively on girl’s education.

He then commended the student’s teachers for their hardworking and commitment towards improving education, saying it is the cornerstone of stabilizing the progress that the district is making.

“It’s an open secret that student teachers play a vital role towards improving education standards in the country. “he said

M’ndola applaud government for introducing the student teachers program as it is help to increase the percent of teachers in schools and reduce school dropout rate in a process.

He said as the school they have a strong partnership with the community that support every learner, to ensure they move forward together for a future free from illiteracy.

Victim of poverty and cultural beliefs haunt the future of many girls in the district where boys are sent to school while girls are kept in the home to undertake household chores in readiness for marriage a situation which worries, Simaiwa primary school committee chairman Cosmas Nguluwe

However Nguluwe said with the coming in of student teachers at the school communities they have now started to value education.

Salima district is regarded as one of the worst in terms of school enrolment and retention in the country.

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