Kulima Better: Sowing Seeds of Hope

By Winston Mwale – AfricaBrief.

There’s a new, bold, and real project to teach a hungry nation to produce its own food, and empower local communities!

MAYBE YOU haven’t heard about this project dubbed the “Extension Training Transforming Economic Returns (BETTER) – Kulima”.

You should have!

It’s an ambitious project whose goal is to increase resilience, food, nutrition and income security of 400,000 smallholder farmers in 10 KULIMA districts across Malawi.

A collaboration between 5 NGOs-Self Help Africa (Lead), Action Aid, Evangelical Association of Malawi, Adventist Relief & Development Agency, and Plan Malawi– the project is funded by the EU to the tune of 15 million Euros.

From top to bottom, it is almost producing incredible results.

I know. 

“Give a man a fish, and you’ve fed him for a day,” reads the old proverb, “but teach a man how to catch fish, and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.”

How often is this proverb the policy in the implementation of many a projects?


But in the districts of Chiradzulu and Nkhata Bay I found remarkable example of positive NGO and local community cooperation: the “Extension Training Transforming Economic Returns (BETTER) – Kulima”.

It’s all about building a strong foundation.

The project, which first opened its doors to the farmers in the two districts in 2018, embodies the vision and drive of local communities. 

On a sunny Thursday afternoon, deep in rural Chiradzulu district…we are witnessing a unique success story.

Virtually deep in the rural area part of Chiradzulu, Kambewa village in Traditional Authority Nchema is turning into a beacon of prosperity amidst economic national turmoil.

Here we meet members of Kachere Farmers Field School, one of the 13,400 FFS that ActionAid and its partners are working with under the Kulima Better Project in 10 districts across Malawi.



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