Silent Parrot to promote Television presenters

By Roselyn Phiri – Mana.

As one way of promoting television presentation in the country, the Silent Parrot consulting has organised a two day television presenters training.

The participants to the training will pay a fee of K30, 000 to be held on February 29 to March 1, 2020 at Lingadzi Hotel in Lilongwe.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) Thursday in Lilongwe, Creativity Manager at Silent Parrot and Coordinator for the training, Mphatso Chaluluka confirmed that everything is set for the training.

“Everything is in order and this is an exciting training for all with interest in effective communication, television production and on camera presenting,” he said.

Chaluluka explained that they are in a digital era where communication was now in three dimensional where sound, text and video all come into play; Malawi was still behind especially in the video aspect.

“Individuals and companies are failing to produce high standard video messages due to lack of proper training, and yet we have access to media channels that have opened doors for our productions to be appreciated internationally,” he explained. 

Chaluluka added that all candidates with keen interest in camera presenting are eligible to attend this training.

“The participants can be Public Relations Officers (PROs), Communication Officers, College Students, Journalists, aspiring TV and online presenters. The minimum qualification is MSCE and an ability to communicate in English,” he stated.

After this training, the participants will have skills for effective camera presenting; the basics in television production and they will take home a certificate of attendance and a high quality show-reel.

Chaluluka said they have plans for more trainings saying there was more to come in the future. 

“We plan to do more trainings on demand for corporate and NGOs and less open trainings, we have had 2 previous trainings for photography and videography in 2017,” he explained.




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