NGO rolls out peace building project between Christians and Muslims in Zomba

By Solister Mogha – Mana.

Centre for Social Concern (CSC) will from next month implement a two year project to enhance peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians in Zomba at a tune of K6.5 million.

Speaking Monday during a Project presentation to the District Executive Committee, (DEC), CSC Programme Manager Tobias Jere said despite numerous interventions, there has always been a strong misunderstanding between Muslims and Christians.

He said though the misunderstandings were purely based on beliefs and practices, the results have, at some point, been devastating.

“We are a peace building organization and what we advocate for is peaceful coexistence among Malawians in spite of their political affiliations, tribe, region and religion,” Jere   said.

As one of the local Non Governmental Organizations in peace building, the CSC has a number of initiatives that include engagement of groups of Christians and Muslims in conflict management.  

“Our project will thus focus on peace building and we would engage different groups of Christians and Muslims and enhance their capacity, clear the misconception of the two religion and advocate for acceptance,” the Manager said.

He added that, “Conflicts emanating from religion are so dangerous and we will, as such, impart in the two groups skills on how to manage conflict and preach about peace.” 

Apart from other structures, Jere said the organization would in particular target the youth whom he said are used as weapon for destruction.

He said the youth have proven to be a group of active citizens who can, apart from positively contributing to the development of the country, be manipulated for evils things.

Zomba District Council Director of Planning and Development (DPD), Walter Chikuni described the project as important saying it would reduce wrangles between the faith groupings.

He said conflicts have negative effects towards development and that Malawi as a country cannot develop if people engaging in fighting.

“As a Council, we welcome the project candidly as it aims at cementing coexistence of the two big and important religion groups,” Chikuni said, adding that peace stimulates development.

The DPD added that Zomba could only develop if people desist from fighting.




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