National Emergency Operation impressed with Dowa council

By Nandie Mambucha -Mana.

The National Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) is carrying out Public Health Emergencies of International Concern (PHEMIC) District Supportive  Supervision in all the councils across the country on Covid -19 pandemic.

The purpose of the supervision is to assess the Covid -19 response capabilities at the district level focusing on areas such as district Covid -19 coordination, laboratory, surveillance, case management, infection prevention, finances, among others.

Speaking in Dowa after meeting the District Public Health Emergency Management Committee [PHEMC] and Covid -19 stakeholders, Deputy Team Leader for the Public Health Institute of Malawi in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Evelyn Chitsa Banda, said Malawi is responding to Covid -19 pandemic as this is the first time for everyone to be learning.

Dr. Chitsa Banda said Dowa has recognized that Covid-19 is not for the development sectors only, but for all the stakeholders need to come together and fight against the pandemic as one.

She said Covid -19 has affected the whole person physically, socially and spiritually, hence the need for all stakeholders to come together in the fight against the pandemic which has devastated countries around the globe and is claiming lives.

“I am impressed with Dowa for having a committee which is vibrant and well organized multi -sectoral team which is able to share information and timely respond to issues accordingly besides lack of resources,” she said.

Dr. Chitsa Banda lamented that Dowa as a district has registered two deaths on Covid-19 pandemic, but has not conducted a deaths audit, saying this team has to be trained at the national level by the Ministry of Health, urging the Dowa Covid -19 rapid response committee to institute a multi sectoral  deaths audit team in readiness for the training.

In his remarks, District Commissioner for Dowa, Alex Mdooko, said the district was well prepared more than other councils in Malawi because it started activities on Covid -19 awareness using ORT (Other Recurrent Transactions alongside their partners and stakeholders.

Mdooko said Covid -19 is living with the people from imported to local transmission, saying it is high time stakeholders concentrated on the villages because communities are still resisting the presence of the virus in their midst.

He called for more community sensitization meetings with the villagers as they are slowly getting Covid -19 pandemic messages particularly on dignified burials, saying this is where most challenges are coming from.



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