LL DC takes health workers by suprise with a bouquet of flowers

By Chimwemwe Njoloma – Mana.

Lilongwe District Commissioner (DC), Lawford Palani on Tuesday  took health workers by suprise when he walked in the council chamber to appreciate their sacrifice and commitment towards the fight against COVID 19.

The health workers, with other council staff, were attending a covid 19 meeting organized by OXFAM on covid 19 interventions among primary school going children in the rural part of Lilongwe.

Palani walked in the meeting taking everyone by suprise and called all health workers in the room to walk to the front and read what he had prepared for them before he presented the flowers.

Addressing the gathering, Palani said it has been months since the world was heavily hit by the COVID 19 pandemic leading to a number of closures of schools, offices, shopping malls and forcing many to work from home.

He said while that is the case, health is the only sector over which the whole nation is banking its hope on in saving those that have been infected.

Palani said his office thought of expressing gratitude for the role the Director of Health and Social Sefvices (DHS) and his team are playing in the fight against covid 19.

“We know it is not easy. We know it’s too demanding. We know it is scary but your brave approach gives all of us hope.

“The dedication of all frontline workers in this battle cannot go unnoticed. You are risking your lives, your families and your happiness just to manage and look after those that have been infected and affected by the corona virus. For this, we want to say thank you and May God bless you and protect you,” said Palani.

He then presented a basket of fresh flowers to the team available.

He said: “This should be a reminder that there are people out there that appreciate you all our health personnel. You are the best and we appreciate you for all the work you are doing amidst this covid 19 pandemicmic.”

“We know this is not enough but feel it in your hearts that Lilongwe district council is grateful for all the sacrifices that you are putting towards the fight against covid 19,” added Palani.

On behalf of the DHS who was not present, the District Health Environmental Officer (DEHO), Paul Chunga in a surprised state thanked the DC and the entire staff for the gesture.

He said health workers have been working tirelessly but never thought that people are noticing their commitment.

Chunga said the council has been supportive since Lilongwe registered a case but never thought they would be recognized that much.

“You have been so supportive from the word go. You have had to seek support from partners and stakeholders just to make sure that our work is bearable mostly when we have run out of resources.

“Sometimes when you are working you don’t even know that others are noticing. We have all thought that it is basically our job just like any other sector but never thought someone someday would think of appreciating us in this way,” said Chunga.

He said currently, 223 health workers have been infected across the country and that one has lost a life something that has brought fear in many health workers.

“Lilongwe has not been spared. And apart from recognizing our efforts, we urge all partners and stakeholders to continue supporting us, supporting all health facilities with personal protective equipment to serve their lives as they are serving this nation,” said Chunga.

Palani urged council staff to continue giving the health workers all the support and morale they need as a way of encouraging them.

“Call them, text them, send them a card, send them chocolates. You can even send them monetary assistance just to appreciate them for being there for all of us,” he said.


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