Dedza Prison registers five confirmed Covid-19 cases

By Sellah Singini – Mana.

Dedza Prison has registered five confirmed Covid-19 cases, Malawi News Agency has learnt.

Speaking in an interview, Public Relations Officer for Dedza Prison, Sergeant Holman Majinga said that on Wednesday Dedza prison conducted a sampled testing exercise after seeing that 50 inmates were showing signs and symptoms of Covid-19.

“We are suspecting 50 inmates to have had Covid-19 at Dedza prison of which eleven inmates were tested. Nine males and two females and the results have confirmed that five male inmates have covid-19,” Majinga said. 

He said the suspects have been kept into what used to be TB isolation room and those who have tested positive have been kept into what used to be prison clinic.

“We are lobbying for a mass test, but that will be subject to the availability of test kits and priority shall be to those that have developed signs and symptoms of Covid-19.We asked Dedza health office to assist us with the test kits to test the remaining people, but we have been informed that they are remaining with 70 test kits,” he added.

According to Majinga, Dedza prison has a total of 282 prisoners.




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