ACB sensitizes NICE coordinators on anti-corruption policy


ACB sensitizes NICE coordinators on anti-corruption policy

– Mana.

Anti-CorruptionBureau (ACB) has said National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust,through its community based coordinators, have a key role to play in ensuring thatcommunity members are aware about corruption.

Speakingon Friday during training for Area Civic Education Coordinators (ACEC) inMchinji, Senior Public Education Officer for ACB, Jonathan Chisale saidcorruption cases in rural areas are under reported because community membershave limited knowledge about corruption.

He saidthe training was organised to sensitize ACECs in the district on NationalAnti-Corruption Strategy 2 (NACS 2) which was developed by government toadvance the fight against root causes of corruption in the country.

“Thegovernment with funding from DFID developed the strategy as a means ofmitigating corrupt practices in the country so as to create a corrupt-freesociety,” Chisale said.

Heexplained that ACEC were targeted because the Bureau believes they have aresponsibility to educate people about the dangers of corruption ondevelopment.

“ACECare perfectly poised to know corrupt practices that are happening in theircommunities and to sensitise people in their respective areas to report anycorrupt practices hence the bureau trust that this training is key in the fightagainst corruption,” Chisale explained.

MchinjiDistrict Civic Education Officer for NICE, Paul Kanyenda commended the Bureaufor the training saying it would empower ACEC’s in the district to identify andreport cases of corruption.

NACS 2, apredecessor of NACS 1 was developed in 2019 to promote a culture of integrity,strengthen the rule of law and improve the quality and accessibility of publicservice.




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