‘Yesu Ndi Nyatwa’ single in the offing

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By Blessings Kapna – Mana.

Kasungu-based Hip Hop Gospel Musician, Sochris whole real is Sochris Kumwenda is set to drop a single titled ‘Yesu Ndi Nyatwa’ on July 4, 2020.

Speaking with Malawi News Agency (Mana) in Lilongwe on Wednesday, he said that the single was meant to make the Church understand that money was vital because it plays a great role in a Christian’s life.

“We need money for us to take care of ourselves and to run things for ministry to reach many people since we are in a new age. So in the song I am trying to uproot the mind-set that thinks money is evil, money is just a currency what is evil is our mind-set therefore we need to change our mind,’’ Kumwenda said.

The Artist under Grace Life Clique Music Group, said that after seeing the greatness of Christ in his life he decided to uplift Him in his songs as such he composed ‘Yesu Ndi Nyatwa’ to preach the gospel to the youths.

Kumwenda added that people should expect to be encouraged by the song and it would help them to work hard so that they may earn money for their lives and take care of themselves in this expensive life.

He said that the single to be released was rebuking and condemning any doctrine which rises above and against the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

The Song is special and it will be added to his Extended Play (EP) titled The Page which will be released soon.

Currently he is working on an Extended Play EP which will share with people his flaws, strengths and the hope that the artist is having in Christ.

The Song produced by IC-1 Records will be officially premiered on Transworld Radio (TWR) and ABC Radio.

It will be available for download on Facebook page Sochris Kumwenda on July 4, 2020 while on June 19, 2020 the song will be available on Malawimusic.com.

The Video for ‘Yesu Ndi Nyatwa’ will be produced in October, 2020.



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